Intro and Explanation

Allen, Leslie

Specialty: Board Governance, Development/Fundraising , Marketing

Andrews, Dee

Specialty: Marketing, Strategic Planning, Public Relations/Communications

Barnes, Michelle

Specialty: Executive Director/CEO Support, Executive Transitions

Bavoso, Art

Specialty: Strategic Planning, Board Development, Fundraising

Caplan, Marsha

Specialty: Organizational Communication, Mediation, Nonprofit Management

Capriccioso, Caryn

Specialty: Social enterprise, Business planning, Strategic planning

Davis, Emily

Specialty: Board governance, Charitable advising, Digital communications

Donegan, Michael

Specialty: Development/Fundraising, Board Governance, Executive Director/CEO Support

Goldman, Ann

Specialty: Board Governance, Development/Fundraising, Public Relations/Communication

Heitman, David

Specialty: Marketing, Brand Strategy, Key Message & Logo Development

Hodel, Lindsey

Specialty: Public Policy/Advocacy

Holdt, Mark

Specialty: Strategic Planning/Project Development, Executive Support/Board Governance, Development/Fundraising

Intercambio Uniting Communities,

Specialty: Cultural Awareness, Diversity, Inclusivity

Miller, Maggie

Specialty: Program Design, Program Evaluation & Assessment

Naster, Julie

Specialty: Team and Leadership Development and Coaching, Organizational Development, Board Development, Strategic Planning

Romer, Sheldon

Specialty: Leadership Development & Coaching; Organizational Development; Board Development.

Schuetz, Kenneth

Specialty: Board Governance, Executive Director/CEO Support, Program Evaluation & Assessment

West, Kate

Specialty: Board Governance, Development/Fundraising, Program Evaluation & Assessment