Organizational Assessments

We know that not all of your challenges can be solved through group trainings or peer support. To meet these specific needs, we are working with local consultants who have agreed to offer their services at a significantly reduced rate.  We are committed to partnering with the best local consultants.  All of our recommended consultants have been through a thorough evaluation process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If my organization conducted an organizational assessment within the past 18 months. When is the best time to complete another organizational assessment? You will not need to complete a new assessment at this time. Please submit your current organizational assessment to us to access reduced fee consulting. Best practice is to complete an organizational assessment every 18-36 months.
  • How will my organization select a recommended consultant to work with?
    Based on the assessment report, you will be able to identify which of our recommended consultants can best meet your organization’s needs. You then create a request for proposal.  Based on the potential consultants’ proposals and in-person interviews you choose one to work with on your project. You will work out a contract directly with the consultant you hire.  Example contracts will be provided to you as a resource.  The Nonprofit Cultivation Center is not a mediator during the contract phase. Our consultants agree to provide a set number of hours at a designated rate, often at a generous discount, for agencies working with the Nonprofit Cultivation Center.  Hours beyond that agreement may not be offered at the same rate. To learn more or start the process – contact us.