Capacity Building Agency Grants

Boulder County Board of County Commissioners launches Capacity Building grants each spring for health and human service programs in Boulder County. Grants are specifically for capacity building and technical assistance projects up to $10,000.

Nonprofit Cultivation Center facilitates the grant application process for these funds. Please direct any thank you letters for funding to Boulder County Board of Commissioners.


1. Health and Human Service Nonprofits in Boulder County are eligible for these funds, with primary missions serving health and human services.

2. Agencies must have a completed Organizational Assessment at the time they submit an application.  Organizational Assessments must meet the following criterion:

  • The assessment was formally, externally and independently ran.
  • By best practice, to consider an Organizational Assessment valid, it must have been completed in the last 3 years.

3. Funds operate on a bi-annual eligibility cycle. Agencies funded in 2013 will be eligible to apply for funding again in 2015. Agencies that applied in 2013 and were not funded are invited to apply in 2014.

Get all the details FAST- Watch the Webinar for information on:

  • Elements of a strong application for these funds including the basics of an Organizational Assessment,
  • How to write an Executive Summary of an Organizational Assessment; and
  • How to link the Executive Summary to your grant proposal to make a strong case for funding.


Capacity Building grants are open. Please review the timeline and resources below. We are here to assist you in submitting a strong and clear proposal for funding. Please do not hesitate to come to office hours, call, email and reach out with your questions. Thank you.


Monday April 14th Application Opens
Wed. May 28th Application Due by 5:00PM
Monday June 23rd Awardees announced.  Allow 6 weeks for funds to be processed.

Resources and information for 2014 Capacity Building Agency Grant Application are linked below.

1. 2014 Capacity Building Agency Grant Application

2. Common Colorado Grant Application

3. Health and Human Services Strategic Plan of Boulder County

  • Proposals must meet at least one goal of the Health and Human Services Strategic Plan of Boulder County.

Past Office Hours
Thursday April 17th & Thursday April 24th 2:30PM – 4:00PM
Tuesday April 29th & Tuesday May 20th 2:30PM – 4:30PM


Following each grant cycle we host a Capacity Building Grants Report Luncheon. The Nonprofit Cultivation Center turned the reporting method for this grant into a community building event by hosting a lunch for funded agencies, Boulder County Board of Commissioners, board members and community members to learn the successes and challenges in implementing Capacity Building Grants.


The following organizations were selected as grant recipients in 2013:

The following organizations were selected as grant recipients in 2012: